Copper Top

Copper Top, originally uploaded by kentgoldings.

I’m just getting a closer look at stuff.

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3 Comments on “Copper Top”

  1. Nick Dawson Says:

    great detail and sharpness!

  2. kentgoldings Says:

    That’s the extension tube. You can focus on the object a few inches from the lens. The downside is that the DOF is really shallow. I had to use F11. Since there’s not enough light, I had to use a flash. But, the lens blocks the flash that close on camera, so I have to hold the flash in my left hand while I shoot with the right.

  3. Michael Schade Says:

    I love the great detail and sharpness. That highlight on the left (presumably from the flash that you talk about in your comment) is a stunning complement to the mix. Nice job!

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