Tarrytown I

Tarrytown I, originally uploaded by kentgoldings.

Lighthouse peepers often don’t realize that there are prime specimens so close to home. As one of America’s busiest inter-coastal waterways, the Hudson river brags seven major lighthouses still in fully intact.

I have had occasion to photograph them all. Yet, I have mostly covered the two, within twenty miles of mile of my house, at Esopus Meadows and Rondout Landing.

However, there are others at Hudson, Saugerties, Stony Point, Tarry Town and Jeffery’s Hook. The Jeffery’s hook lighthouse is the Little Red Lighthouse of story book fame in Manhattan. I have some splendid pictures of Jeffery’s hook from my film days.

Today, I photographed the Tarry Town lighthouse. I actually pass this one twice-a-day when I commute to work on the Metro-North which passes by.

The cloudy weather toady gives the whole scene a bit of gloom.

I hope to photograph all seven in HDR before next summer. This should be a chore as some of them don’t photograph well from dry land.

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