Curiously Phallic Bratwurst

Curiously Phallic Bratwurst, originally uploaded by kentgoldings.

I just about burned my face off trying to get a picture of my dinner on the grill.

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4 Comments on “Curiously Phallic Bratwurst”

  1. LunaticFringe Says:

    Thats why you have zoom lenses … so you save your eyebrows.

  2. kentgoldings Says:

    But the 50mm lens looks so nice. And, none of my zoom go to F2.

  3. amberella Says:

    I’m not sure what makes these brats any more phallic than any other brats, but I love the site title & subtitle. Brilliant. And feel free not to explain why these seem more phallic… I can just take your word for it.

  4. kentgoldings Says:

    The title occurred to be when they came out of the package. As for the blog name, I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t posting high art. I love snapshots. And, I think serious photography techniques can inform a less formal approach to taking pictures.

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